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Why Rituals Are Important

Spiritual Rituals live within the fibers of our basic human instincts and are as important as food and water to the body. They are visceral, real, raw and crucial for the survival of humanity. The absence of these rituals leaves us barren, lost and disconnected.

Rituals are a form of communication that cross the line over our material, concrete world and pierce the veil into the world of divine forces. Spiritual rituals that are done correctly become the language we speak through repetition, so we can be understood by the forces through patterns. As it turns out, English is not the universal language. Rituals are.

Spiritual rituals offer a pathway to connect and offer up our voices to divine forces. They invoke our human ability to hear, encode and receive important messages and answers. The sacred existence of such rituals is now more than ever important for the survival of humanity. Without the connection made through rituals, we lose ourselves as a species through disconnection. Without a place for positive forces and messages to reach the world, we are lost. We need unity, we need connection and we need spiritual rituals to create this.

Summer Solstice Ritual has been performed as far as we can understand from ancient times. There is a reason why Stonehenge, Machu Picchu and the Pyramids in Giza appear to connect with the sun on the days of summer and winter Solstice. It is not a coincidence that many ancient mystical places from around the world appear to have been involved in creating structures that were in connection to the location of the sun in space. These places and people were connecting with divine forces through rituals.


This sacred ritual is as important as breathing right now. We need it for humanity. We need it for connection. We might even need it to survive. ​

We also have a chance to start building our own community through connecting to help create a core group of people interested in helping pull humanity into the direction of connection. When we gather as a group, we can do so much more.

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