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Tea and Full Moon Ceremony! 

April 27th, 2018

Peacebank Yoga Studio

Cost: Donation 

Time: 7 -8 pm


Why a Tea Ceremony? 


Come join us at peacebank yoga studio as Jessica Jacobson indulges our senses in tea and a full moon meditation. The tea that will be served comes directly from farmers in China who hand pick and care for their teas. The tea that will be shared is only available and sold in China directly from the people who grow the ingredients. 


For centuries we have shared tea in ceremony. When you share in this experience we will all have the same earthly substance inside of us which binds together a beautiful commonality. Drinking tea in this way allows people to have a shared experience of mother nature. 


The full moon aspect means we get to experience the energy of the moon within us as well. Just as people, plants, and animals have a 28 day cycle, so does the moon. This is a time to reconnect ourselves with the patters and rhythms of life. After tea will will all enter into a deep guided meditation which will focus on renewal. 


This delicious combination of tea and full moon energy is awaiting you. Sign up today as space is limited.

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