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Mindfulness Teachings

Inner knowledge is not easily built. 

It requires learning how to explore what you are capable of and doing the necessary work to access and become the aquired knowledge.  Challenge yourself to learn how you and the world around you is more than the material space you see. I encourage you to learn the depths of your own Inner Self. 

Mindfulness teachings start with functional harmony. This is where the body, mind, and emotions function together in harmony because positive and healthy patterning replaced the disharmony that was created. People don't create disharmony because there is something wrong with them, but it does cause problems in their life. Disharmony happens due to misconceptions we learn along the way, life experiences, what we ingest into our body and what we are exposed to. We are all out of harmony in some ways and need assistance in helping repattern itself. 


As misconceptions are released, tools and methods are taught to enhance awareness and understanding. This practice includes meditation, breathing exercises, and sensory enhancement strategies. Teachings from mystical traditions are presented and studied in order to unlock your own inner potential.  



What a common session looks like:

- Breathwork is taught

- Relaxation techniques are implemented

- You are guided into a releasing meditation to go deeper inside the self

- You start an inner journey of observation

- You are guided into how to deepen your senses

- You come back from your own experience and give yourself time for reflection through writing, art or



Life requires us to change and sometimes that change comes in the form of loss, exhaustion, frustration, feeling a loss of direction, a desire to reconnect or wanting more or something different from life. It can also come in the form of righteousness. These emotions or experiences can be brought into a deeper understanding, acceptance or guidance in what the next steps can be through mindfulness teachings. Evolution can happen faster and with a better understanding. The ultimate goal of these sessions is personal freedom and joy.  


Mindfulness teachings are taught in one-to-one sessions or in groups. It can be a one-time event or an ongoing experience for you. Each session is 55 min.


Price $155




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