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Damanhur Past Life Seminar 

Date: July 20-21 2019 

Sat and Sun 

Redwood City, CA

Teacher: Shama Viola



You are a time being.....


We carry memories with us in the layers of our being. In this incarnation, you can come in contact with the information of your past life and use it to enhance what you know.


When you come in contact with prior lives, you awaken memories that reveal important aspects of yourself. You get to see that you are not just one personality in one life, but really you are a time-being that has a network of interlacing relationships! You are living in this physical world as a developing personality and you have a network of past-lives that are like programs also giving you information.


Getting to know your other lives is meeting yourself again and bringing back the memories in the layers of your being. This is about learning how you can expand into yourself. You meet you! When you can see yourself as a time-being, you can see the magnificence of all of you. We are not limited to one life.



The developing personality inside of you is in the process of becoming in the time you are given here. Your life will benefit from knowing who you were and the information will help guide you in this life. Knowing your prior lives has been described as bringing about a feeling of finding something beautiful that was lost. 




The use of memory from past-lives is for your own liberation and expansion. Shama Viola from Damanhur delivers a unique and ultimately transformative method for you to learn about an important past-life of yours. Shama is no ordinary leader. She has been trained to connect with forces of the oracle as a citizen of Damanhur. She has been doing past-life research for the past 22 years and her skill level is highly refined. 




Course Description


  • A month before the workshop, Shama and other past-life researchers from Damanhur connect with an important past-life of yours through working with oracle forces and produce a one page summery of that life.


  • As the workshop begins, you also start a journey of exploration into the particular timeline of an important prior life.  


  • You will participate in several exercises that help awaken this person within so he or she can emerge from your memories.


  • Once you start to remember, this past life can help you expand in this life. He or she is a part of your team of knowledge. A profound part for people who have attended this seminar is how emotional it is to remember who they were. 


  • At the end, you are given your one-page summary, where you will find details of that life. It is like getting a letter from yourself from another time. You might be surprised at how similar aspects of your past life still play out in your current life...


doug 2_edited.jpg

Doug Appleton

This Past Life Workshop was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life.  On the first day, I was able to recover memories from a past life. I immediately felt a relationship with and connection to this individual that is me, and it has helped me understand more about myself in this life. I still feel this connection today.  It was all very profound, moving, enlightening, and inspiring, not to mention mind-boggling. The teachers are wonderful, amazing and gifted, and made the whole experience fun for all.  I can’t wait to do the second workshop and discover more about myself.

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Jessica McLeish, Owner of Sourced 

This course is such a great experience. Its funny how in the midst of this experience I felt like I was muddling through a murky haze and couldn't see the forest for the trees.  Getting through it felt at times mundane and even stressful in the effort to see.  Afterward I realized that it was one of the most poignant experiences of my life.  The insights gained were life altering.  I just didn't know that until it was over.  Thank you for bringing these to the West Coast.


Viktoria, Author 

The past life seminar was incredibly eye-opening. Not only did it reveal a past-life experience, but it was amazingly helpful in explaining why I was experiencing certain emotions and thoughts in this life. It was both therapeutic and beautifully nostalgic. I loved working with Esperide, she is a wonderful human being - full of humor, wisdom, kindness and life-changing advice. I walked away feeling more grounded and confident with who I am, where I've been and where my path is going. It is a profoundly comforting to know there is reason behind the veil of everyday chaos. And this is exactly what this seminar is great at reminding you of. It is the sort of event anyone who wants to know the depth of their being should take.

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