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Advocate Tree Fell!

Advocate Tree

The Advocate tree that fell down on January 16th in Aptos was unlike any other tree in the United States. She was one you could walk up to, walk inside and grow yourself. She was a mother tree and a source of connection.


A mother tree in a general sense is the central connector of the trees, which support each other if one is in need of nutrients or water. A mother tree can also be activated for positive spiritual purposes. Such an event occurred on April 4, 2015 when Damanhur and participants in California asked the 1,000 year old Advocate tree to become a reference point where special energy forces could help the evolutionary process of the planet. The advocate tree stood as a connecting force with two other trees forming a sacred geometric triangle spanning three continents, and an antenna to the cosmos to receive information to assist humanity.

Her felling down brings grief. She was hit by a force that she could not withstand. This leaves us with a great loss and many questions. Why did she fall? Was there not enough connection to her system of support through shared roots? Did we as a people not sustain enough of a connection amongst ourselves for her to stay standing? We don’t know.

What we do know is that we have lost an important resource and it is a call to action. We need to step into the role of creating connection as she did for us. She contained and transformed, so now we must step up and do this for ourselves and those around us.

She held light and hope, and now that is up to us. She was an antenna between worlds, and now we can work on transforming ourselves into a connection between the earth and cosmos.

Most importantly, we can take an active role in building a more connected community so together we can withstand the forces of energy that act against us and cause separation. We can also connect to nature so we remain in a state of action bringing us forward to the enlightenment of ourselves, our community and humanity as a whole.

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