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About Us

Fhortruss, with this spelling, means fortified city of light.


We are a community that offers people a chance to connect, learn, grow and engage through evolutionary teachings.


We believe there is strength in the unified connection among those who seek inner growth. This kind of growth emerges through education and experiences that come from exceptional wisdom. When we grow with spiritual strength-based teachings from qualified teachers and have experiences that unlock the door to our own inner wisdom, we are guided to evolution.


Such inner development creates a resonance that allows the positive forces outside of us to enter into the fortress (fhortruss) inside of us. Simultaneously, the positive forces inside can become purified enough to be "light". We together build the fhortress or city of light.


With this team of people, beauty and understanding can emerge with more power into ourselves and affect the world around us.

Meaning of the name Fhortruss (pronounced fortress)







Bringing it all together in a fun mythical format

Quick Summary of Horus 


What does truss have to do with it?


We need a strong and connected group of people who come together (or fasten) so we can build a harmonic world!!! We want to connect with those who also have a desire to learn and grow with in-depth teachings and experiences that expand into our inner knowing or personal “light”.  Truss is to fasten.



The second definition of truss is the grip of the falcon. This represents how tightly one needs to hold onto this path because it is one that requires inner strength and endurance. It is not easy to become. Just look at how fast we forget about simple New Year's resolutions.


The grip of the falcon or grip of "Horus", conveniently was in the definition of truss. 

Lastly, the word truss is defined as a structural support in the form of a triangle, or the symbol of the pyramid. The pyramid has a multiplicity of mythical meanings including it being the sacred geometry of the human form and it as a structure to take in purified information from the deities. 

We will focus on the symbol to represent the pyramid as part of the sacred geometric configuration used to take in the highest forms of light into the human form. This shape has the ability to take light in from the top and bring it down to its foundation. The foundation becomes strong and the light can then go back up the top. 

Over time and with enough purification this structure can become the light. 

​When enough people fasten together as a connected group with the purified information from the source of light itself we can create...... a city of light. 

The name Fhortruss ultimately means the fortified city of light.

Our Spelling F-Hor-Truss​ (F = Falcon Hor-=Horus Truss = Tie together, grip of falcon and pyramid) 

Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is the one who endures that the final victory comes - Buddha 

We wanted to make a fun mythical name that brings together mythology, symbology and meaning. It is not that we want someone to subscribe to it as a belief system, but instead show how history can come together with today through story. 

Truss has 3 meanings: 

1. A Truss is used to tie or fasten something together

2. It is the grip of a Falcon

3. It is a triangle or pyramid shape used in engineering to support a structure

Horus was an ancient Egyptian sky/solar god, who was usually depicted as a falcon, and whose eyes were originally said to be the sun and the moon. Horus's story is that of a mystical sun god whose energy was a purified form of knowledge and love or “light”. The Eye of Horus, is the eye of such intense and pure frequencies, that it represents both faces of the sun (sky-day and moon-night. These symbols are also representative of the masculine and feminine). To be connected with Horus in this story means you have the ability to utilize the frequencies of this purified light.

Traditional Spelling  Fortress - A fortress is large fortified town, a source of support.

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