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  Pandora Star  

Explore your consciousness with light

Light meditation devices are kinetic light device used to activate all four quadrants of the brain. They also impact brain waves, particularly Alpha and Theta states. It stimulates the pineal gland via light signals to the optic nerve.   This creates temporary EEG brain wave patterns that would typically only appear after many years of meditation practice--allowing a user to experience a sense of deep relaxation, creativity, focus, intuition, connection, and wholeness.

How does it work?  While lying down or sitting in a chair with the device in front of you, white flickering light passes through the eyelids, enters the retina. This stimulation of the optic nerve activates the pineal gland; contributing to an amazing visual experience that may include vivid colors, sacred geometry, and synesthesia. This light allows your brain to experience a range of beneficial states of brainwave activity, which can be used for many empowering purposes.  

Faced with the artistry of one's own consciousness, those who experience this device cannot help but re-evaluate their current perceptions and perspectives in the most beautiful ways.  Whether you wish to step out of the fight or flight paradigm of our daily world, to augment a meditation practice, to experience your mind's inner light show, to find a more connected space of peace within; you will likely find something you appreciate about our service.  The experience is completely unique every session--even if your frequency and intensity settings and music are unchanged.

Other reported possible experiences:

  • Dissolution of the sensation of time

  • Transcendence of the physical body


*Information taken from Lucid-Light website

A few of the many available sessions

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