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Damanhur Healing Modalities

Prana Therapy is an ancient and complex healing modality. Of all the treatments offered, this gets the most positive responses from clients.


"It is an energy you can feel working on you. This is the first time that has ever happened" - Sam O

Most of what this treatment provides falls into a category of what mystics call "reconnection".  It is where prana or breath takes us on an inward journey that expands us to the outward levels of our larger Self. Energy treatments can be difficult to explain because they understandably go outside of our normal perceptions. However, if there is an understanding that when we relax, breath and feel while being connected to a particular energy source we might start to see that beyond ourselves, and this material world. The greatest journey we will ever take is the one within. 


How it works;

- The client sits in a chair with hands on the armrest to get into the right body position. 

- With a Damanhurian device pointed at the client, he or she starts breathing in a particular manner

   taught the day of the treatment. 

- A clinician trained in the School for Spiritual Healers places hands above your head and starts the

  energy session.

-  The client keeps his or her eyes closed and breathes for 12 minutes. 



- Internal work on the body to allow it to feel aligned.

- Refreshing and energized.

- It helps to connect you to events that can lead you to heal 

- A general feeling that you have been cleared 


Stiloself - Damanhur Description


The Stiloself is an extraordinary healing instrument for working on the body. It can act from macroscopic to DNA levels, on the mind and on the 'subtle' structures of the human being. 

Comprising a gold body and a head with selfic microcircuits, the Stiloself works at different depths in the organs and systems of the human body depending on how it is positioned and whether or not it is in contact with the skin. The Stiloself develops a communicative relationship with the therapist, often 'guiding the therapists hand' and increasing empathy to bring about effective intervention. The intelligence of the Stiloself travels through the organs and body systems supplying the necessary information needed to restore balance. It encourages the body to re-programme itself to function normally.


The Stiloself is very useful in the treatment of cephalea, cervical neck pain, lumbar pain, sciatica, arthritis, of the joints, tendonitis, neuralgia, stomach disorders, irritated colon, haemorrhoids, dysmenorrhoea and pathologies of the menstrual cycle. It can be used to assist relief in many serious illnesses such as pain caused by bone metastasis or to control the increase of benign growths such as lymphoma, fibrosis, and ovarian cysts. It helps in resolving small skin imperfections, marks, warts, damaged capillaries and the general repair of skin tissues. It has a sedative, quietening effect that encourages concentration and memory. Finally it facilitates the activation of latent faculties in the individual – physical, mental and extra-sensory.



 Much like acupuncture, a styloself is a device which works on energy lines in our bodies to help unblock energy, manage the flow of chi and help restore the body to balance. A styloself differs from acupuncture in that it does not enter the body. Instead, it stays on the surface providing the physical, energetic and subtle systems of the body with information.


Prana Therapy Only

20 min - $55.


The Prana Therapy and Styloself offer both 30 and 60 min. sessions


30 min - $77.

60 min - $150.


Recommended Sessions

First month - 1x a week

Second month - Every other week

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