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Meditation Call June 17, 2018

Natural Herbs

Call Summary:7-30-18

  • Faysal currently accepts group money into his personal account and will flow that to the groups account.  He would like to change this and asked for some ideas on how to do this. It would be easier from a bookkeeping perspective to be able to accept and distribute group money in and out of the same account.  Please put some thought into this.

  • For the next few calls, after formal instruction concludes, we will be focusing on discussions about group direction.  Going forward we will also be able to discuss the content we learned during the instruction.

  • For the initiate group and those specifically in the 5th past life group; everyone has given Karen their travel details.  Karen will ensure housing and transportation is coordinated for those not renting cars. No further action is required.

  • WhatsApp – The existing group chat will be used for informal discussion.  A second group chat will be created that will contain only announcements.  No discussions will happen within this chat.  Other apps are going to be tested and evaluated to see if we are able to improve the effectiveness of our communication.

  • Donations for Instructors – The group decided:  Specifically for instances where our Meditation instruction is replaced by an in person 34 hour class/workshop it is expected that everyone will donate between $20-$50.  This is also for those online or reviewing the recording later.  The amount is up to your discretion. If is it a 1 hour Med call in person or not a mandatory course no donations will be given.

  • Current group project ideas:

    • Tree orientation – Meet once every month or two as a group and orient trees.

    • Mobile spiral - We could purchase a rope spiral and spheroself recall to activate the spiral.  This would be beneficial for the following reasons: we could reinforce the work we do in the forest, create more baby spirals to help protect the antenna trees, have a spiral available for all workshops, have a spiral to set up at our current cabin. This would cost around $4,200 (3,500 euro).  The price is still to be confirmed.  This is a financial commitment that we need to decide on as a group.  We do have some funding to cover a good portion of this if we choose.

    • Goal setting – As individuals we would complete a goal setting form for the year.  We would revisit these goals quarterly or biannually to see how we are all doing.  This is not done publicly but with one or two people. This is done in Damanhur by everyone.

    • Initiate engagement via calls – the intention is to call one person every 2 weeks.  No list will be made.  It was discussed that even if someone is unable to talk, a simple text or email acknowledging the call would help people feel more connected.

    • International Village – Michael and Jennifer talked to us about their project.  From our group they are only looking for energetic and emotional support.  Damanhur is more interested with the story about why this project is relevant and they need more energy behind it.  Our group would supply the energy and support the vision.  We will have a field trip to see the project site in September.  There is no commitment on behalf of the group at this point.  We will have an ongoing discussion.

  • On our next call we will be talking more about our potential group projects and group direction.

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