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Hi Dear People--


Here is the follow up from Gnomo as promised in our meeting on Sunday:


A. Homework for the coming weeks:

• Over the next few weeks, take a moment each day to bring your attention to your thoughts. Make a point to clean and refresh them, taking away the pessimism and any aggression from them.

• During your breathing, when you stop and do the exercise you know you need to do, perceive your entire body. Listen to it, ask it if it needs anything and ask if you are using it in the right way. Be honest in listening to your answers.

• Read the text on the Vajne project that was sent to you (below) and meditate in silence. Then send your course companions any ideas about how you can contribute in the coming months and years to the Vajne project. In the next meditation appointments, these points and ideas will need to be integrated together to form a coherent project for your Meditation group.


B. Divinities and the Human Project




Divine and Absolute: The Absolute, the All is the supreme deity that includes all created divine forces.

Divinity and Human Beings: the deities of the various peoples have been built to win death, reconnect the thread of various incarnations and return to ALL.

In this long journey Humanity has lost control of this Objective and the immense forces that were built for this have become out of control.

The Triad operation restored this control and recreated the balance between divine forces and humanity.

There are intermediate, non-divine forces, (cultures and religions), which still have a lot of violence and are producing a lot of damage. This is a last ditch effort of this late era.




Human project

• To give back human dignity and value means returning to having knowledge and being conscious. Without this we can not talk with divine forces.

• The initiated person is the person who re-establishes this dignity and becomes the ideal representative of the human race to divine forces. We are representatives, interlocutors who have to demonstrate to the Forces and Allied races in the Universe that the human beings on this planet can still be saved and resurrected.

• OBJECTIVE of our race: To move individual life and bring the human race to a galactic existence, widening and comprehending ALL.




In Practice: Mind and Individual

• The mind is born as a body servant. The mind is where we can place information, knowledge. But we must start driving our minds. Fixed thoughts, negative thoughts, pessimism and arrogance infest our minds and make this task difficult or impossible.

• The body is the energy reservoir. It is the energy producer and the emotional container. It needs to gain control of our body and its energies. Sexual, vital. How Much Sleep? How do we eat? If we want to have the energies we need for our projects we must take care of our body.

• Will, choice, is the catalyst that combines energy and knowledge to get real effects. It is our divine spark that gives us this power. Do not use free will by using your mind, but by using our divine part. Without knowing how to die and be reborn, we can not use our free will and make the choices that change our lives.

Spiritual Formation– Phase of Study and Culture

Project of Species – VAJNE


September 43 – 2017



The Vajne Project is the technology that Primeval Divinity of Humankind (DPU) has structured and used to explore the world of Form. This program then passes through the primeval rupture of the "Mirror", which has created many problems, although it is indispensable to distribute in the Forms and to induce its subsequent reunification. Basically, Vajne is the Program through which the Forms that have attained the Divine Spark are consciously pursuing the reunion of the various parts that will return to reproduce the DPU itself (thanks also to the natural evolution of the Law of Complexity: let us not forget that Form is more or less designed according to the Primeval Divinity as can be easily seen from the fact that the Divinity law serves specifically to allow entry into the forms of a DPU).

Already in the ancient Star Empire (about 500,000 years ago), Falco Tarassaco told us, Vajne was the motivation for the Human Being to expand into space, to reach many different worlds. At that time the Vajne Program was supported by very advanced genetic engineering operations, with which species of various worlds shared bodies and souls. In this way, the Divine Spark has expanded "technologically" into the Universe by bringing many species, albeit in their diversity, to the common frequency that led them to the reunification of the Mirror. We know, however, that through this technology, Humanity was polluted with parts of the enemy, not having recognized the adverse species when the first encounter between the two races occurred.

The fundamental parts of the Vajne Project are all the magic systems through which the time and the barrier of death can be overcome: the People, the Temples, the connection with the Synchronic Lines, the relationship with a Divinity under control, the City of Death on the Threshold and accordingly the possibility of scheduled return.

An important concept, explained Falco Tarassaco in the 1980s, was that Vajne represents the indispensable point of contact between Human Being and Divinity. Otherwise, as the story of the god entered into the pig emphasizes, when Divinity is in its dimension, it does not understand human nature, nor the form, and when it enters into forms, it completely forgets its divine nature. But Vajne allows communication between the two dimensions and allows a species Program to continue over time.

When we talk about Vajne specifically, linking it to our story, we refer to the Corks Search Program. It is to that group of souls who have Chosen this particular Task that is to be found at different points of time and pursue the Divinization of Matter (that is, the reunion of the Mirror)!


Vajne's fundamental points in time, which we know, are:

1) Atlantis (22.000 years ago)

2) Ancient Egypt (about 11,000 years ago, is a part not known by official history)

3) a point temporarily 1200 years before the front of the time (2567 - 1200 = 1367, but we consider the timeframe from about 1100 until just beyond 1300, the historic timeframe when the GRAAL appeared) which represents the first attempt to divide of the planes but it did not work out.

4) our time with the Damanhur program (separation of the planes in 1967, liberating the Synchronic Lines,Triad, ... and?)

5) the absolute present (2567), of which we do not know much, but because Falco also passed from there, it undoubtedly is a point to consider

6) A temporary citadel of about 900 years in the future (as a temporary base for modification and drifting to new temporal islands, new temporal angles were created at a certain moment by exceeding the limit of the temporal front having been created as a result of the detachment of the planes.


7) Atlantis (non-historical line) associated with the Temporal Empire (referring to about 60.000 in the past) may now coincide with the temporal lines resulting from the pre-Atlantis changes in which we entered as transplanted personalities


Damanhur works assiduously at the Eternity Project (we think of the Caronte's current function), for That itself can continue over time. However, one must distinguish between what is the historical linear continuity and Vajne's temporal appointments, which do not necessarily follow a chronological temporal line. From these considerations there are some QUESTIONS:


  1. 1. If Damanhur has to follow up with continuity over the next 550 years, what will be the next appointment of the Corks?

  2. When we renewed our Oath (Dynamic Fire of Atlantis), we decided to attend the next appointment, but at what time and place? And what is to be done?

  3. What needs to be done here, in the present (2017/18...), so that the Vajne Program is respected? Is it enough to do the work already done (Separation of the Planes, Liberation of the Synchronic Lines and Triad) or is there still something missing?

  4. Where do we put the Unification of the Three Mother Worlds?

  5. What Is Pre-Atlantis Living?

  6. And perhaps this is the most important question in our social / spiritual structure as well as in everyday life, how are we connected to these great Magical Operations? Through which actions or other?

  7. To overthrow... in all this whole shebang, how do you position the Fourth World?


For Meditation

The Group of Theoretics

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