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Damanhur Path of Initiation

  • Refine your evolution

  • Deepen your connection 

  • Take part in positive growth for humankind

Damanhur has opened its doors to offer a second opportunity to join the School Of Meditation. This is their sacred path of initiation which was closed for years to the outside world. It is not an easy path but one that will require you to grow, change, throw the layers off, die to aspects of yourself and grow to become a brighter light and a refined soul with greater knowledge and understanding. 



According to Damanhur's philosophy, the evolution of humanity follows a specific “Program of Evolution” that has times and phases of maturation: this is a crucial moment in which our choices make all the difference to set the course of our future toward awakening or loss of awareness and decadence.   

Humanity as a Spiritual Being has been fragmented in a myriad pieces, and the keys to its recomposition are hidden inside each one of us. Building on many millennia of sacred wisdom, we can now access our most profound knowledge. This will transform our sphere of awareness and guide our steps towards collective enlightenment.


In every historical time, in every culture, there have always been small groups of people receiving these codes and information, told in myths and stories suitable for the mindsets of men and women of those eras.


These groups acted as the Guardians of Knowledge for the whole of humanity, seeking the deeper truths beyond the realm of the visible, investigating the subtle connection among humans and the universe, looking for ways to build paths of communication with the divine.


Amidst all peoples and tribes of our planet, mystic teachers, alchemists and magicians have emerged over the millennia, and often risked their life to send information to the future. In order to protect it, the access to this sacred knowledge was reserved only to those few that chose to dedicate their lives fully to this task.

We are now in a different time. The relationship with the divine forces has changed and the transition that humanity is facing requires the will and the awareness of many more than just a few groups.

This is one of the reasons why Damanhur, in Italy, was founded: to initiate into the ancient wisdom all those who, with a pure heart and a sincere commitment, want to reach consciousness in service to all humanity.


Becoming an Initiate in the Damanhur School means to become aware of one's mission and to acquire the necessary knowledge, power and tools to accomplish it in service to the good of all.


The Initiation Path of Damanhur was founded in 1974 by Falco Tarassaco (1950-2013) and in Damanhur it is called “School of Meditation”. This ritual path of knowledge is the very foundation of the whole spiritual and social experience of Damanhur.


Damanhur's Initiation Path connects the deep wisdom of our stellar origins to the time before Atlantis, offering a perspective on today's global crisis of and a connection to important times for humanity in the future. 

How it is structured


Damanhur's Initiation path has many levels. It has specific rules and gives access to individual and group rituals. It is not a series of seminars, it is a ritual and energetic support to every choice and action in life, and a re-connection with positive divine forces that guide and oversee the evolution of humanity, in order to fully reawaken our very own divine nature.

The Initiation Path can be abandoned if one does not feel aligned to it, but for those who keep their choice, it is a commitment that lasts all their life, and beyond as time becomes a dimension that we learn to navigate with our soul, keeping the thread and the memory of who we are.

It requires a deep sense of calling, the awareness that one has dedicated lifetime after lifetime to the recomposition of divine unity and a full responsibility for their own evolution.

It is a path of individual and group refinement, as evolution and enlightenment require a profound human connection. Consciousness opens when the expression of each person's uniqueness blooms in harmony and synergy with that of others.




For over 40 years, this Initiation School was open only to people who committed to meet every week to study together, and 5 times a year in Damanhur for great collective rituals.

Now, more and more people around the world are feeling a calling to this path of deep commitment and action towards the awakening of humanity, so Damanhur offers a new opportunity to share its knowledge and ritual power in a different format.


The Second International Intensive Retreat of Damanhur's Path of Initiation will be held in Damanhur on September 3-12, 2018.

A 10-day Intensive will be held every year, in dates to be the defined in agreement with the group.

Besides the Intensive, courses will be offered twice per year in California for the U.S and in other places to be defined around the world, in order to continue with the teachings, rituals and experiences. 

For those who will choose to continue on the path and reach Initiation, video conferences will be held to keep the group connected so we can continue to move forward with our journey individually and as a group. 

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