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Sacred Journey to Damanhur, Italy

October 26 – November 6, 2017


Join Megan Wagner for a 12 day pilgrimage to Damanhur, an exciting holistic journey for the Body, Mind and Spirit! Experience the full range of sensual and spiritual delights with organic Italian food, daily meditations, ritual and Damanhurian Healing Treatments such as Pranatherapy, cell regeneration, massage etc.


Each day we visit the Temples of Humankind for personal and planetary healing. We'll learn about Damanhur's research and philosophy, and participate in meditations to explore our soul. We journey into the sacred woods, walk the labyrinth circuits and listen to the music of the plants. We'll spend the night in the Temples and receive a very special activation to awaken our intuition and spiritual capacities. We’ll travel to the Turin Egyptian Museum for special activations and take classes on Atlantis, Spiritual Physics, and Damanhur’s Spiritual technology.


Special Features: Diane Wilcoxson and The Grand Council will join us on this trip. Diane is oracle for The Grand Council’s channeled spiritual wisdom and we’ll have daily sessions with the Council to help us go deeper with our personal Mastery. You’ll receive a free Personal Reading with The Grand Council and a Free Astrology Reading with Megan. All 33 of Megan’s Sacred Robes will be available for meditation and healing.



Facilitator: Rev. Dr. Megan Wagner, PhD  is a Therapist, Spiritual Guide, Interfaith Minister and Author. She is Director of Spiritual Psychology at The Chaplaincy Institute and Director of Tree of Life International. This will be Megan's 11th journey to Damanhur. She is a gradutate of Damanhur’s School for Spiritual Healers.

For registration contact Megan (650) 364-5171 or

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