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Conscious Leadership

Coordinator- Sean Musallam


 Provides inspiration and knowledge that supports the organization in continually recreating itself at higher levels.


The Coordinator establishes an environment in which creativity and intuitive insights can flourish from its group members.


The Coordinator takes on a leadership role in developing and implementing an energetically balanced set of guiding principles based on the group and the meditation schools core values. These principles guided by higher truth, help build the groups authentic participation so that it leaves its own legacy. 


The Coordinator works behind the scene to ensure the project stays alive and on track. 


Through setting and aligning, the director puts people and things in place and directs the groups administrative functions of the organization.  



Point of Connection - Lisa Fry

It is the function of the P.C. to provide leadership in creating the connection for which the Damanhur teachers and U.S Meditation school members vision can be implemented cohesively.


A key part in the P.C.’s role is creating a unified field in which everyone is aligned. The P.C. helps with communication of information between the U.S. group and Damanhur, so our potential can be sustained.


The P.C works with Meditation School members and Damanhur teachers on an ongoing basis as a channel for communication. 


He/She receives questions or comments from the group then meets with the Director and Napea to discuss resolutions or answers. If this information needs to go to Condor or Gnomo, Napea will be the official participant in ensuring the questions reach the teachers and that the answers come in a timely manner. Should any of the teachers or Napea need information disseminated to the group, the P.C or the Director delivers the information. However, most of the time the information comes from the P.C. 


Point of Connection and Coordinator work together


The core functions of the P.C and director is to define the organization at the essence level. The rolls of both are to keep things going in a forward flowing direction with integrity and love for all.



Connector - Erica and Paul


The role of the Connector is to provide leadership in developing, nurturing and sustaining relationships between everyone within the group and with whom the group organization interacts.

This includes providing ways for the group members to grow closer in its bonding, as well as creating alliances with other groups, organizations and companies that share a common vision for humanity. 


The Connector works on creating cohesion within the group and makes connections with other people or organizations that we could make alliances with for the purpose of expanding into larger networks for the mission of the timeline.


This Connector is good at networking and creating positive relationships so that other people understand what this group represents. The Connector also works with group members who are struggling to communicate with one another or with smoothing out communication difficulties with other parties.

Promoter - Jessica McLeish

It is the function of the Promoter to provide leadership in developing the identity of the organization and presenting it as a consistent brand through public relations and marketing programs.

The Promoter is responsible for the right way to represent the group and bring its branding forward. 


The promoter will give the group a uniform brand in accordance with Damanhur and represent the group for public purposes. 

The role of the promoter includes interviews with group members so each member is dutifully represented. 

The promoter is in charge of determining the yearly birthday project and ensuring it is sent out to the group in a timely manner.  


The Connector and Promoter work together 


The core functions of Connector and Promotor are to create fusion and passion so the group can be relational and expressive. This is the emotional field that is the energy source for the heart of the group.



Organizers - Karen and Jennifer


It is the function of the Organizers to provide leadership in responsibility for understanding details and getting things done. The group organizers bring structure to the group by following through with detailed tasks and duties.

The organizers are responsible for the organization of events and ensures that other participants are appointed as necessary for the jobs needed.


They will oversee and/or assist the Director in Meditation School events such as solstice and other retreats. They will also ensure the details of the Meditation School in Damanhur such as housing and other needs are taken care of.

Conductor - Michael

It is the function of the Conductor to provide leadership in determining ways to implement overall goals and projects. The Conductor is orientated toward details, rules and is good at order and structure.


The Conductor focuses on accuracy and accountability with facts and figures. It is also the role of the Conductor to ensure the group needs are tended to in terms of structure and follow through. 


The Conductor is responsible for noticing when details are missing from the group in regards to its overall functioning and is responsible for overseeing group projects.


The Conductor will lead Zoom calls, doodle polls, and the Vijne project. The Conductor will speak with the Director and P.C. when he/she notices what details are missing or need attending to. 


The Organizer and Conductor work together 


The core function of Organizer and Conductor is to ensure the mission of the group has structure for its own stability and equality.

Financial Advisor - Faysal


It is the function of the Financial Advisor to provide leadership in all aspects of the financial transactions for the initiates group.

The Financial Advisor will collect money due, oversee a bank account for our groups funds and looks for ways to make an income for the group, as well as assisting in how to handle our finances. The Financial Advisor is also responsible the financial aspects of all the tangible assets of the organization such as properties, facilities and equipment. 


The Financial Advisor is responsible for overseeing the financial income and expenses of the group.


He/She will aide in all financial transactions including taking money in to pay for the initiates school, income from workshops and keeping record of the groups accounting. The Financial Advisor will be available to show records at all times and share his or her opinion about how to spend or grow the finances.

Project Manager - Sean

It is the function of the Project Manager to oversee all projects to ensure they are moving forward and progress is being made with direction and functions.


The Project Manager assists in all projects that the Initiates group is involved to make sure they get done well and to oversee if the final product is done well.  


The Project Manager is responsible for ensuring projects are completed on time and that they are all well done. 


The Project Manager assists the Conductor with the Vine project, the Gift Coordinator with finalizing decisions and the Director with overseeing all projects. 


The Financial Advisor and Project Manager work together


The core functions of the Financial Advisor and the Project Manager is to ensure our actions and functions can be tangible. They are the function of ensuring our success and excellence is the end result.  

Ritual Leader - Nadine


It is the function of the Ritual Leader to provide leadership in all of the aspects of Solstice, Equinox and Birthday Rituals.

This includes organization, help with delivery and presentation. The Ritual Leader will teach other initiates how the ritual is to be presented, their role, what is expected and details about what needs to get done.  


The Ritual Leader will give direction and lead the Solstices, Equinoxes and birthday rituals so that each ritual is performed with precision and care.


For the Solstice and Equinox this includes knowing when the sun in above the ritual location, the herbs needed, carries the ritual lighter, places people in a location for drumming and understands what is needed prior to the ritual to unsure its success. The Ritual Leader also opens and closes the circle. For birthday rituals, it means making sure the initiate has their birth time, candles and propter material for their ritual.

Gifting Coordinator  - Unknown


It is the function of the Gifting Coordinator to provide leadership in developing knowledge, relationships and discernment for people or non-profits who are in need of financial or emotional assistance.

The Gift Coordinator researches different possible opportunities to give back to others and uses discernment in deciding which opportunities are legitimate and best for gift giving. 


He/She is also responsible for how to best deliver goods, services or financial gifts.

Note Taker​​​​​​​ - Jennifer

It is the function of the Note Taker to record data from zoom meetings, big conversations, meetings with mentors, classes and workshop.


The Note Taker is responsible for recording the data from important conversations for the group to have written reference and documentation of information.


The Note Taker has an important role for the group’s ability to reference important knowledge, as well as document the meetings for the benefit of those who will follow in the legacy of the group.   

Researcher - Marina

It is the function of the researcher to find data on upcoming historical events such as solstices, equinoxes and what in happening this time of year. The researcher also finds out any needed data required for our group needs. 

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