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   Rewiring Physics,

   Rewires Your Soul                           





May 19 & 20

Cost $375

Redwood City, CA

Video Conferencing is available if you live out of town

About the workshop

Our evolution is dependent upon information.

Our species is dependent upon our evolution.

Time and knowledge are precious. 

In this phenomenal course, Damanhurian Gnomo Orzo reveals how he, along with others have uncovered forgotten magic because we are lost in a maze of misconceptions and need a different understanding of how the universe and human souls function. In order to take advantage of this knowledge, we must be willing to reinvent our understandings so we can arrive in our evolutionary process with a different result. The world is fiction. We have the science to show you. 


What is included in the workshop

  • The forgotten Magic- Science can prove we are all connected 

  • Breaking Through - Our past is blinding us and we can't see our future

  • Reality is a Lie - Physics, history, and how it relates to our inner self

  • The Truth Revealed - The laws of the universe are broken down

  • How to Change our Reality - Energy, awareness, perception and focused action matter

  • How we can Build This World Together- Possibilities for a new world


Day 1: Forgotten Magic

Day 2: The Truth Revealed

Session 1: Morning 

  • Breaking through our Past: Gnomo 

    • The world is a hologram created by perception. 

    • Vedas and Physics

    • Brief History of Vedas texts

    • Electromagnetism and the direction of time

    • Special Relativity

    • Quantum mechanics

Break – 15 minutes

Exercise 1- 90 minutes​

Lunch Break – 60 minutes

Session 2: Afternoon

  • Reality is a Lie - 90 minutes​

    • Physics History

    • What is Gravity? How it work? 

    • Sole Atom

    • Consequences on Physics

    • The WMAP 

    • Outer vs Inner. 

Session 3: Morning 

  • Spiritual Physics - 90 minutes​

    • What is Real?​

      • The meeting of laws

      • Mass/Energy

    • How to Change Reality

      • Awareness and perception

      • How to use senses to shape reality

      • Going beyond perception

      • The new paradigm

Break – 15 minutes

Exercise 1- 90 minutes​

Lunch Break – 60 minutes

Session 4: Afternoon

  • Summary – 90 minutes

    • We can Build this World Together​​

      • You Are the Hope for Humanity

  • Break – 15 minutes

Q&A – Gnomo 120 minutes 

About Gnomo

Gnomo Orzo (Rinaldo Accorti) is an instructor in the Damanhurian School of Meditation and a spiritual healer in the School of Pranatherapy.  He is the author of the newly released book, “How Many Holes Does a Ring Have?, The Theory of Spiritual Physics.”  He collaborated with Falco Tarassaco in the research of spiritual physics, leading him to deepen and re-evaluate archaeological and historical aspects of ancient civilizations.  


Damanhur is a federation of spiritual communities in the alpine foothills north of Piedmont, Italy, with a multilingual population of 600 people. A living laboratory for the future of humankind, Damanhur is home to the Temples of Humankind, an underground collection of art-adorned structures. 


About Fhortruss

Fhortruss is acommunity that offers people a chance to connect, learn, grow and engage through evolutionary teachings. Fhortruss, with this spelling, means fortified city of light.

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