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Party With A Purpose



Let's expand spiritual gatherings to include play, fun, friendly social gathering, music and a meditation. Party, but with a purpose! 

October 21 2017






Martinielli's here we come! This evening is a time for those who seek a spiritual path and want to come and enjoy a social gathering. We will enjoy a fun time together and end the evening with a healing meditation to distill love as an alchemical substance inside. Using sound vibration, light and breath, we will journey within to explore. 

We will ask ourselves in this meditation:

What does love, healing and living mean to me?

What characteristics do I want to bring outside of myself?

Where are my dreams leading me?





Location: Redwood City, CA


Date and Time: October 21 at 7:30- 9:00pm 

Cost: FREE, but you have to let me know if you are joining us!

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