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Teresa Collins

Teresa Collins brings a rare blend of dynamic presence, a big loving heart and a whole systems strategic mind to the endeavors that call her into service. At the heart of her calling is a deep commitment to empowering learning communities of all shapes and sizes to thrive in these profoundly potent times. For the last decade she has initiated and engaged in a number learning community experiments with people from around the world and continues to adapt and innovate in response to this living experience. 


She strives to create environments, process and pathways of participation that naturally empower the emergence of leaders who then assist in the growth and expansion of the community and it's learning offerings. She is a radiant teacher and guides by example. She inspires people to live authentic and joy-filled lives and to join their genius with others doing the same to cocreate the new. 



Teresa is a leader and an inspiring voice and guide in the rapidly growing field of transformational learning and community building and is currently consulting several key organizations who share her values and passion to make a difference in the world. 


Teresa currently serves as:


Resonance Academy Director


Board of Director 

Resonance Science Foundation


Co-creative Partner


Whole Systems Designer


Team Member



Above all, Teresa is dedicated to her own growth and awakening. She knows that is not what she does in the world that is important, instead it is the quality of the presence she brings to her service that is her most valuable contribution.

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