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Who are you?  


An advocate, an ally, a healer, a student. 


What do you do? 


I’m still figuring that out.  I’ve explored a few worlds including fashion and health.  Currently playing in the world of finance.  The one constant has been in the realm of spirit and alternative healing practices.  


What are your Hobbies? 


I love to dance, especially to salsa music.  I really enjoy discovering new music from around the world especially Latin, African, and Reggae… I can get lost in the music for hours and travel and connect with the spirit of each place that way… soothes my soul.  I like to explore food from different cultures and of course there has to be wine!  Love to read, hike, travel, and cherish my quality time with friends. And of course exploring all things metaphysical!! 

What inspires you to be a part of this group?


There is a purity, a truth here that is palpable yet indescribable, which brings me back time and time again to the different workshops and one-on-one sessions.  That’s not to say it’s always easy.  On the contrary, it can be very challenging to be called to face my own resistance to growth and to be held accountable in creating the life I desire, but the fact that I can come as I am without having to adhere to any dogma or to be judged for “not having it all figured out” (and that I get to do the same for others) is sacred to me.  This embodies the meaning of community that resonates with me.  To be in service as a co-creator in this community would be a privilege.  

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