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Who are you? 


My name is Kyle and I was born and raised in the Seattle area. Most of the last decade I have lived in the SF Bay Area. Currently I enjoy most of my time in Southeast Florida. I am a powerful, committed and compassionate leader. I am a world traveler. My vision is uplifting other humans through love, unity, joy and a sense of humor. 



What do you do?   


I am a personal mentor/coach. I help people see the stories that are "running" them and that are totally made up. I help people realign with their personal visions and then support them in GOING FOR IT. I love teaching the topics of masculine and feminine principles. I also work with people for strength training and nutrition. And I am a creative writer. First book coming out summer of 2017! 


I am working a lot with The Gratitude Training program down here in Southeast Florida and I encourage everyone to come down and check it out. Learn and really experience how you do you. Shine a light on the stories, usually (or always?) made up which are running you. Choose love. Choose compassion. Choose joy. Choose forgiveness. Choose authenticity. Choose vulnerability as ways of being. Reach out to me for more information. You matter. 




What are your Hobbies?


I love fitness and nutrition and learning about superfoods and herbs and longevity. I love discussing and learning about the topics of masculine and feminine energies. I love discovering new music and enjoying live music. I love riding my bicycle all over town and visiting farmer's markets and finding the best farms and places to eat.



What inspires you to be a part of this group?


I wonder if this reality is all just a simulation or an illusion, if any of this really matters. And I always come back to the idea that, even if it is, and even if at the end of the day none of this matters, playing like it matters a great deal, like my life and the lives of those I do matter are on the line is the healthiest way to play. 

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