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Jessica Jacobson

Jessica specializes in co-creating new paradigms of understanding for human evolution.


Jessica owns a company called Life-Inspire. This company is based in the San Francisco Bay area of California, it is a small business with a big mission: to help people see who they are, discover what they are capable of and navigate the direction of their life. She offer workshops and one-to-one services that help people lead more fun and authentic lives.


Jessica Jacobson was born in Redwood City CA. As a spiritual advisor, educator, certified hypnotherapist, life-coach and humanitarian, she is committed to the emotional evolution of humankind and helping others achieve satisfaction and happiness in life. She integrates the teachings of ancient wisdom traditions from around the world with those of mystery schools and breakthrough leaders of the new millennium. 


Jessica’s spiritual path has taken her around the world. From Christian roots in America, she has journeyed to Crete to study women’s initiations, Spain to research Kabbalah, San Francisco to study Buddhism, the Amazon Rain Forest in Ecuador to learn about healing with plants and shamanism, and Italy to study at Damanhur’s University for Spiritual Healers, Alchemy and Meditation. In her hometown, after a 5-year course training, she graduated from the Tree of Life Teaching and Spiritual Psychology programs. She has also completed Caroline Myess's Spiritual Healer course and continues to study and teach the path of yoga, which includes understanding of Ayurveda and eastern philosophies. 

Jessica has been taking courses from Damanhur for over 10 years and currently hosts events and helps to represent Damanhur in California. Her goal is to create a community of people who have the capacity to intentionally co-create a global united people. 

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