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Full November Frost Moon Gathering

Friday Nov 3rd

Redwood City, CA

Join us for the moon gathering in Redwood City to get into the rhythms of the moon and see what patterns in our own life need amplifying or changing. We will be walking a spiral, meditating and spending time feeling into the messages we can receive during this time of the year.



"Every full moon is surrounded by legends and lore of its own. Each month is a bit different from the last, and as the year progresses, magical energies change and flow, just like the moon and the tides." 

Connection to the moon aligns us with cycles that are important for our own awareness. Just as people, plants, and animals have a 28 day cycle, so does the moon. Full moons are a time to reconnect ourselves with the patterns and rhythms of life. When we feel this connection we can start to understand the quote "going with the flow". In a world that can feel out of sync, it might be hard to imagine what this flow feels like if we are "stuck".   

Yet, it is all connected, this intricate web of life that surrounds us and the shift of focus from a life of feeling stuck into one of going with the flow requires us to step into the rhythm or cycles of the Universe.  

Your life gifts are connected to this flow of life and when we are "off our path" or feel "something is not right", it probably isn't. We need the flow of life to remind us of who we are and what we are doing here. We need to be in the rhythms in order to understand the flow.


The flow of life, like the rivers, like the streams we find we go down them willingly and with grace or flailing and blind, the choice dependent on your awareness of it. 


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