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Initiates Group Project Share-Document

Update: July 27, 2018 (Sean)

1) Get Med videos and notes uploaded to Fhortruss website

2) Tree orientation

3) Purchase mobile spiral for tree orientation, rituals, and for use at workshop locations

4) Initiate engagement - How to keep us connected

5) Goal setting and quarterly/biannual revisit as they do in Damanhur

6) Initiate communication platform

October 1, 2017


Hi Dear Ones:


This shared document is an evolving container for us to share our ideas for our first group project—as Gnomo suggested, aiming for something tangible that we can manifest in the next few months.


To get started, let’s all contribute at least one project idea [or more] to the conversation over the next week before our next meeting on Sunday, October 8—after we all share initial ideas, thoughts, visions, feelings, we can look for emerging themes or areas of convergence and build from there.  Let go of the inner censor and let your Divine Spark shine forth!


Let the co-creative process begin!


JK—initial thoughts re group project:  we build/create a temple in the trees, connected to the Sacred Woods at Dh, in CA—perhaps either at Wendy’s place or at Jessica’s place—I am not yet very familiar with what is already there.  I’m thinking this temple is a ritual/ceremonial space where our group can build our energy together that is ritually connected to Nature and to Dh.  


Another thought is to build on the selfica cabin at Wendy’s place as a group space.  


Another thought: a co-creative art project that we can start at the Winter Solstice and that can serve as a tangible form to anchor and weave our group energy and identity together in CA—again linked to Dh and to Nature/the 3 MotherWorlds.



I’m inspired by the seven questions at the end of the short essay that Gnomo sent, “Spiritual Formation - Phase of Study and Culture Project of Species - Vajne”:  

  1. Regarding the first question about establishing continuity over the next 550 years, I am wondering what can we start in the next few months that can evolve and change to last 550 years such that the necessary continuity for the ‘Corks’ is maintained.  The goal here would be that in 550 years (about 22 generations) the Initiates alive at that time would have the knowledge and ability to do whatever is necessary at that point to continue the Vajne project.  Some ideas that come to mind in this regard are establishing one or two ‘outposts’ or ‘centers’ that serve as a home base in North America to maintain continuity on this continent. (Ideally there would be several of these centers on each continent forming a global network.) In order to last 550 years, each center would likely need to be supported by a relatively self-reliant community.  So the question becomes: What can we start in the next few months that could ultimately become a center of knowledge and practice that would last 550 years?  Perhaps this has already begun in CA with the selfic cabin.  If so, what can we do to make this last?  Or is there a better place for such a ‘center’?


Jessica McLeish:  It sounds to me like a project to create a container for our group's energy, connection with Damanhur and (dare I say? connection with divine forces), some simple temple place that we can create sounds like a good direction to me.  Im not sure if you wanted me to write this in the google sheet or respond to this email, but I wanted to weigh in since I was not on the call to let you know I think the ideas so far along those lines are the direction we should keep brainstorming in.  Thank you!  Jessica [I added your comments to the Google Sheet--thanks Jessica!--JK]


Sean:  I think that we create 2 sister art pieces.  One for DH and one to stay here in CA.  As a group (in as large of a group as possible) we have a brief brainstorm about our approach to the practical aspect, i.e. how to easily disassemble and transport to italy, rough concept about what is may look like, etc.. Then, after a group meditation we make these “statues” in a meditative state without using words, letting them grow organically.  As many people as possible would contribute.  Maybe it takes us a few months to finish.  This art would join us during group dinners (to be planned)  to bask in our group essence.  This way, wherever we go back and forth to DH we have an anchor in both locations.  And there is a visual reminder for the Damanhurian’s that we exist and are with them.  We did something similar with clay in the school of Alchemy.  This process of meditating and creating in silence with intention uses the 5th element of ether (Jessica and Karen can correct me if I am wrong).  Gnomo should be able to share more about this if we ask.  The description wasn’t in depth when we learned about it but it’s the creative process that makes the ether and the art contains it.


Marina: I feel drawn to awakening more of the trees and minerals here - California and North America in general.  I have not yet been taught how to do it in the Damanhur way, but I would like to do that as service to the earth, healing her and creating more active antenae to the stars.

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