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                                          Join the OneDoorLand team for an in-person Gene Keys Retreat in the Magical

                                         Redwoods, October 27 – 29. We will gather at a beautiful private estate in the                                                Santa Cruz Mountains and deepen into the Gene Keys Transmission together.

                                          This retreat invites us into the Core of the Venus Sequence, unwinding our                                                     hidden wounds as precious gifts of liberation. This is a chance to deeply                                                         embody the principles and practices of the Venus Stream, individually and                                                     collectively, as we transition into the Pearl Sequence of prosperity. Together we                                             will dive into the depths of our core wound as a portal for our genius to emerge                                           naturally into the world.


                                          During this retreat you will have an opportunity to explore your Gene Keys                                                     Hologenetic Profile in an experiential way. We will journey together for the                                                     entire weekend, creating a safe container for authentic sharing and deep                                                       transformation. We will cook, sleep, share and dance together. We will dive                                                     deep . . . .  and we will rise up . . .  and we will be real the whole way through.


Come share your discoveries, ask your questions and engage in your hero’s journey of transformation in a living sanctuary of community. Together we will help cultivate new awareness in everyday life, and practice an embodied approach to discover the gift hidden in every challenge.


Embrace your Shadows, Embody your Gifts, & Dare to be Divine! 


Pre-requsite: We encourage every participant to have some experience with the Gene Keys Golden Path, specifically having spent time with the Activation and Venus Sequence. If you feel called to this retreat and have not yet begun the Golden Path program, please arrange a personal Gene Keys session with Amma or Elijah to prepare for the retreat.This retreat is less about focusing on the “mechanics” of the Gene Keys, and more about activating the tools on the deepest layers of our being.

Location: Scotts Valley, California at the magical “Center for Awakening Presence”. We are grateful to be hosting this retreat at a profoundly beautiful and sacred sanctuary in the redwoods outside Santa Cruz. Our on-site accommodations include exquisite shared rooms or camping options.

Retreat includes: Sacred Tea Ceremony, Embodied Practices including the Golden Path Labyrinth, Small & Large Group Sharing Circles, Music, Art, Nature, Silence & Ritual.

Retreat Schedule: Please plan to arrive on Friday October 27th between 3pm and 5pm to get settled into your room, and enjoy the beautiful sanctuary. We will have a light dinner available between 5pm – 7pm followed by an Evening Session all together to begin the retreat. The retreat will continue all day and night Saturday and Sunday, with brunch available on Monday. Your ticket includes accommodation through Monday morning, please do not arrange flights on Sunday as our retreat goes into the evening. It is best to plan to travel in the morning or early afternoon on Monday.

Meals and Accommodations: We will prepare and enjoy simple, delicious and organic meals together. Vegetarian, gluten free and protein options will be available. If you have special dietary needs please let us know.  Everyone will stay onsite (it is a magical place!). Shared rooms or camping options available.

Retreat Costs: (Includes Retreat Fee, Lodging and Meals)
Shared Room: $500
Camping: $450
Limited number of spaces available.

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