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A Damanhur Workshop

Divination with Shama

July 20, 2018


Redwood City, CA


This course helps you to develop receptive and intuitive skills, while learning to read the signs that life constantly offers. We will look at various oracle systems with the aim of understanding what divinations means.

Learning to read the signs will help your personal process by widening your perception and increasing your intuition thus facilitating your connection with deeper wisdom. This is useful for finding and interpreting inner answers and for helping yourself and possibly others find true guidance. 

Learn how to read a specially formulated tarot card deck. We have the ability to use cards like this to speak with frequencies including our own higher Self. Shama has had 40 plus years of experience with this form of divination and is coming here from Damanhur to teach us how to use these specific cards and how we can best utilize them. Each person will receive their own card deck and cover as part of the class. This is a chance to learn or enhance your divination practice with tarot cards and learning from someone who has this depth of experience in this field. 

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