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Peacebank Course Syllabus



History and Philosophy of Yoga

We will dive into the study and history of Yoga in India and beyond, its many teachers, branches, and schools. This course offers an invitation to investigate, read and write about Yogic philosophy and hold many discussions about how it can be applied to our practice and our daily lives. We will explore and dive deep into the Eight Limbs of Yoga, the Yoga Sutras, and discover what Yoga truly is. 


Asana – Postures – Sanskrit names

Throughout the entire course we will practice various styles of asana each day so you will have the tools to guide all levels and styles within the Hatha Vinyasa school. We will dive deep into how to properly align each pose and how to teach it, as well as WHY we are teaching it. We will learn all the Sanskrit names for the poses through many educational and fun ways (chanting, words games, etc) allowing the language to flow with ease from your vocabulary.


Assists and Modifications

We will use our training manuals, each other, and ideas of what we will encounter in our classes to know how to instruct modifications as well as offer assists in all poses. You will feel confident giving modifications for students with injuries, lack of flexibility or strength, and hyper-flexibility.



Learning your dosha and how to apply nutrition to your yoga lifestyle is a wonderful way to boost your energy and align your body from the inside out. A Yogic Diet, well-balanced and nutritious “sattvic” diet, is important to fuel yourself during this training so we will help guide options for what that may be.


Pranayama and Meditation 

We will practice different pranayamas, breathing techniques, to understand the healing dynamics of the breath and when to teach them safely and effectively.

Exploring a few different meditation styles we will learn the importance of meditation, the effects on our brain waves, and how to guide ourselves, each other, and others into a blissful state. 



A special anatomy guide will take you through a comprehensive anatomy section that is easy to understand and apply to your poses. You will learn how to body read and what poses/props to use to assist yourself and your students. Also exploring the Anatomy of Breath and the power we have over our overall well being. 


Subtle Body

We will not only explore the physical body, but we will guide you into an exploration of the Anatomy of the Energy Body. You will come away with an understanding of the Vayus and energy flow, the Bandhas, the elements, and the Chakra system. 


Qualities of an Effective Teacher

We begin by asking ourselves and each other what type of yogi and instructor you want to be, examining what aspect of the practice really moves you, finding your authentic voice, and starting this course with an Intention that will set us all on an impactful journey. Toward the end of the course we will assist and guide you through the business of yoga and run through effective ways to market and brand yourself. 


Class Sequencing and Teaching

You will learn how to create an intelligent sequence and how to design a class in a few different ways. During the course of our training you will lead a few 5-30 minute classes to each other and the group as a whole. We will close with each of you designing and teaching a 60 minute class. Throughout this process you are given a lot of support, encouragement, and feedback to guide you on your way to becoming a great teacher. 

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