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9-7-17 Notes

Hi Dear People!  


Thanks to everyone for your participation and presence in the first meeting!  Allie-thanks for letting us know your situation.  We missed you--and there is a specific way for you to make up the missed meeting--see below.  


1.  Make-up Process when Meetings are Missed:  Toward the end of the meeting, the procedure for making up a missed meeting and the importance of following this procedure whenever anyone has to miss one of our meetings was explained by Gnomo and Anacondo.  Allie is the trail blazer for us on this aspect :-) 


The key steps are: (1) listen/view the recording of the missed meeting asap; (2) and do so before the next meeting so that you are "ritually connected" to the group's shared experience in this meeting.  


Allie--Michael sent everyone an email with links to the video/audio recording of the meeting.  Please send a brief message to me and/or to the group on WhatsApp when you have completed listening to the recording of the meeting.  


2.  Next Bi-Weekly Meeting with Damanhur Teachers [Gnomo and Condor]:  Sunday, 9/3/17, at 8:30 am CA time for us; 9-10:30 am CA time with teachers


I am proposing that we start our meeting at 8:30 so that we can (1) take turns sharing so that we are connected and ready to go at 9 when the teachers join us to start the lesson; and (2) have time to bring up questions, discuss issues that we may need to address as a group.  If anyone is not comfortable with this proposal for the next meeting, please let me and the group know and please offer an alternative proposal.  Otherwise, let's try it and see how it works. 


If you cannot attend the meeting, please let me and/or the group know by email or WhatsApp asap.  When anyone cannot attend, the expectation is that you will let me/the group know that in advance and offer us the explanation why so everyone understands.  


3.  Proposal for Interim Group Meeting on Sunday, August 27 at 9:00-10 am CA time:  I am proposing that we consider meeting as a group on the off weeks at the same time to connect and to discuss our experience, the material we are reading/studying, and to develop our questions as a group to bring up at the next meeting.  Please let me/the group know asap if you don't want to do this meeting or cannot attend for some reason.  


We need to discuss and develop proposals on the following issues:


a.  Rhythm for face-to-face meetings with teachers throughout the year in CA and in Damanhur.  Since Esperide is no longer involved, the timing and nature of these meetings is to be determined.  


b.  Everyone is invited to share daily check-ins on the WhatsApp group--like "I did my breathing" or "I read the Doubt Room" or "I fasted today" or "I'm feeling lonely and need to connect with the group"--is everyone ok with using the existing WhatsApp Initiates group for this purpose?  


c.  Is everyone ok with me using emails for longer messages like this?  It's easier for me than one of the Apps to type longer messages in email. And then just let you know on WhatsApp to look at email.  If this is not working for some of you, let's discuss why and how to make it work.


4.  Everyone needs to email Gnomo individually at to set up a time to meet with Gnomo on Zoom to demonstrate the ritual blessings that we were given by Condor at the end of the path class in Damanhur.  Some of you have already completed this step in Santorini.  When you have completed this step, please let me know so I can keep track of when we've all completed this step.    


5.  Reading Assignment: before the next Teacher/Initiates Meeting on 9/3, we all need to read the first "room"--doubt--in Seven Scarlet Doors.  


I think that's it.  If I've left something out or something needs correction or clarification, please let me know and/or share with the group.


Con voi+ best blessings, Jennifer

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